Euchora is an established reality in the building industry that aims to provide technological solutions in an enivromentally friendly system, to ensure sustainable development that should be the focus of priorities for people in the future. Our management has a long experience in the field of thermal and acoustic insulation, with the promotion of products and technologies to improve the comfort and the better living.

Our attention to natural hemp and kenaf products, brings us a customers oriented to biocompatible and high quality materials for high energy saving homes. Euchora, thanks to its production capacity, implements exclusive technological solutions. Following the entire chain of kenaf and hemp, guaranteeing a Made in Italy insulation, suitable for bio-building and certified by important Italian Laboratories.

The large range of Euchora's products include: thermal and acoustic insulation for in kenaf and hemp, insulators in recycled and recyclable fibers, anti-shock flooring in reecycled rubber, products for the interior of the building envelope and special protective sheets for particular applications.

The Biosafe validation seal is an authoritative and guaranteed trademark to evaluate a construction product through a process of analysis of the certifications already held by the manufacturer, the study of the performance related to the related "active" and / or "low-emissive" technologies and a possible diagnostic study in order to extrapolate the real product characteristics related to Indoor Air Quality.

Biosafe certifies the analyzed product and guarantees it by affixing the validation seal to the product.

BIOSAFE AND CAM The Biosafe Validation Certificate of the ISOLKENAF panel of kenaf and hemp also includes the following declarations:

- ISOLKENAF meets the minimum environmental criteria (CAM) of the GPP (Ministerial Decree 11/10/2017) referred to in the chapter "Internal Environmental Quality" point and the relative table;

- the ISOLKENAF product falls within the A + certification class relating to the French legislation pursuant to Decree 321/2011;

BIOSAFE AND QUALITY CERTIFICATION PROTOCOLS The Biosafe validation mark is recognized in the certification contexts linked to the indoor air quality of the protocols: CasaClima (Hotel, School and Nature), ARCA and ClimAbita (EcoLife Home). Within these protocols, Biosafe validation is considered as a mark of compliance with the product performance requirements required in the aforementioned certifications.







Our products

Commercial data sheet


Composite antivibrating to reduce noise of trampling.


Thermal and acoustic insulation made of natural kenaf fiber.


Thermal and acoustic insulation made of tecycled polyester fiber.


Thermal and acoustic insulation made of mixed recycled natural and synthetic fibers.


Thermal and acoustic insulation made of cellulose fiber.


Thermal insulation sheet of aluminium bonded to polyethylene bubbles.


Acoustic insulation antivibrating in recycled rubber granules derived from used tires.


Recycled rubber strips for acoustic insulation to put under walls to eliminate the "acoustic bridge".


Recycled rubber flooring EN 1177 certified for playgrounds, sports facilities, swimming pools, horse shelter, horse centers, urban furniture.


Composite for metal roofing noise reductive and against condensation.


Net for metal roofing noise reductive and against condensation for roof ventilation.


Breathable vapor barriers in sheets for wood roofing.


Geocomposite for vertical and horizontal drainage of foundation walls and roof gardens.


Sheets and special membranes in LDPE with high resistance for building applications.

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